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Bulletin, June/July 2008

ASIS&T President, Nancy RodererPresident's Page

Nancy Roderer
2008 ASIS&T President

Fellow Information Professionals:
The year is going by very quickly for me, with much good work being done by a large and dedicated group of ASIS&T volunteers. My thanks to all of them!

This has been a very busy year for people working on our publications. While the work of the JASIST RFP Task Force, the JASIST Editor Task Force and the Publications Committee is still proceeding, it is very appropriate to thank Trudi Hahn, Gary Marchionini and Sam Hastings respectively for their leadership of these activities. 

Speaking of ASIS&T publications, I should refer you to an article in Inside ASIS&T on a recently completed scholarly communication survey of information science authors and ASIS&T members. This survey was done in December 2007, just before our new green road open access policy went into place for JASIST, and was done to establish a baseline so that we can track differences as authors and readers react to the new policy. Interestingly, almost all survey respondents had some knowledge of open access policies, while to date only about a third had published in an open access journal. Many thanks to University of Maryland student Margeaux Johnson for her invaluable help in analyzing the survey.

The survey results provide a reminder of the substantial number of information professionals outside the United States, including a growing number outside of the western world.

At the April meeting of the ASIS&T Board, the group had the welcome chance to review and approve plans for a Global Alliance of Information Sciences, Technologies and Service Societies proposed by the International Relations Committee. The alliance is planned as an informal partnership with other information organizations around the world, and our first letter of invitation will go out shortly. This activity was initiated by member Michel Menou in his time as IRC chair and is being continued under the committee leadership of Kendra Albright.

Yet another area in which members have been active this year is rethinking our placement services. Here a task force led by Abby Goodrum has been looking at ways that our current services in this area could be expanded to better serve both employers and applicants at the Annual Meeting and throughout the year. The task force is initially concentrating on academic applicants and jobs, but will move beyond that group to all information professional positions in time.

I hope you have been wondering how the Information Professional Task Force, my primary presidential initiative, is going. This groupís recent activities have included conducting a review of U.S. information programs and accreditation practices and talking with other information associations about potentially joining us in an effort to create a new accreditation process for masterís level information programs. With our partner the Council on Library and Information Resources, we will be holding a meeting of interested groups in early summer. Key individuals on these efforts include long time ASIS&T member Ann Prentice as well as two University of Washington students, Samantha Becker and Bo Kinney, who served as contractors to the task force to carry out the review.

As I recognize the work of our many volunteers, I should also point out that there are ample opportunities for more members to join in. Would you like a job, large or small?

Have you participated in ASIS&T before, but are without an assignment at the moment? Are you new to ASIS&T and wondering if participating might enhance what you get from the organization? (It would!) There are a number of ways to volunteer, including a number described in a link from our society home page at In addition to the opportunities listed there, we have a number of active task forces (short-term groups working on a specific project) that you might join. Both Don Case, ASIS&T president elect (dcase<at> ), and I (nroderer<at> ) would be delighted to hear about your interests and suggest an assignment that would fit your needs.