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Current BulletinJune/July 2007  
Vol. 33, No. 5

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Information Architecture

Getting Richer
by Stacy Merrill Surla
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 68k)

IA Research: The Future State of the Art
by D. Grant Campbell
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 74k)

Face Tag: Integrating Bottom-up and Top-down Classification in a Social Tagging System
by Emanuele Quintarelli, Andrea Resmini and Luca Rosati
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 1352k)

Evolutionary Psychology as a Basis for Ethical Design: Virtual Status and Ubiquitous Altruism
by Olly Wright
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 101k)

Data-Driven Design: Using Web Analytics to Validate Heuristics
by Andrea Wiggins
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 197k)

IA and RIAs - You Know More than you Think You Do
by Adam Polansky
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 345k)

Information Commons: Service to the Community Starts with Solid IA
by Josh Knauer
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 229k)


Reflections on the Development of the Model of the Information search Process (ISP): Excerpts from the Lazerow Lecture, University of Kentucky, April 2, 2007
by Carol Collier Kuhlthau
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 164k)

Desa Informasi: The Role of Digital Libraries in the Preservation and Dissemination of Indigenous Knowledge
by Liauw Toong Tjieka (Aditya Nugraha)
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 388k)


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