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Candidates Announced for ASIST Board Election

The ASIST Board of Directors has accepted the slate of candidates vying for board positions that will open for the 2004 administrative year. The slate, presented by the 2003 ASIST Nominating Committee, includes candidates for president-elect and two director-at-large seats. Biographical information and position statements from each of the candidates will be included in the paper ballots mailed during the summer to all voting members of ASIST.

The candidates nominated for president, a one-year term preceded by a year as president-elect, are Nick Belkin, Rutgers University, and Michel Menou, CIDEGI (France).

Nominated for two open seats as director-at-large are Tom Terrell, University of South Florida; Dietmar Wolfram, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; June Lester, University of Oklahoma; and Gail Hodge, Information International Associates.

Members of the Nominating Committee are Don Kraft, chair; Shelly Warwick, SIG representative; Kyle Banerjee, chapter representative; Paula Galbraith; and Suzie Allard.

News from ASIST Chapters

The Northern Ohio Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (NORASIST) discussed digital reference services at its April meeting. Digital Reference in Action: Perspectives from Librarians and Educators featured a panel of librarians from public and academic libraries who shared their perspectives on these services. In addition, a LIS faculty member talked about preparing students to meet the challenges of providing digital reference services.  Among the speakers was Penny O'Connor, assistant head, Science and Technology, at the Cleveland Public Library.

The Central Ohio ASIST (CO-ASIS&T) chapter held a March program featuring Richard Rubin, interim dean, College of Communication and Information at Kent State University, on the topic Who's Driving, Who's Riding? – The Place of Technology and People in the Workplace, a discussion of the major issues we face as technological forces redefine the nature of work, the workplace and the work week. In May, the chapter held its annual meeting and luncheon at the State Library of Ohio.

The Los Angeles Chapter of ASIST (LACASIS) presented PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Services in Libraries, a look at current hand-held technology in use for reference service, inventory, instruction and research at local libraries.

The Southern Ohio ASIST (SOASIST) chapter was among the co-sponsors of Doing Our Jobs Without Breaking The Law: Current Copyright Issues, an April workshop featuring presentations by Dwayne K. Buttler, associate professor, University of Louisville; Steve Gillen, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald; and Dave Davis, licensing consultant, Copyright Clearance Center.

Continuing its popular and innovative initiative, the ASIST Seattle Reading Group of the Pacific Northwest Chapter focused on the U.S. Patriot Act – What Does It Mean? for its April meeting. Among the articles selected for discussion were Law Library Resource Exchange Articles (www.llrx.com/features/usapatriotact.htm and www.llrx.com/features/libraryrecords.htm) and Library of Congress: Bill Summary & Status (http://thomas.loc.gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z?d107:h.r.03162).

For its May meeting, the Seattle Reading Group turned to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act: Pros and Cons. Discussion articles for that session were "In Defense of Copyright," interview with intellectual property lawyer Morton David Goldberg (http://archive.salon.com/tech/feature/2002/04/15/copyright_defense/) and "Wrapped up in Crypto Bottles," interview with cyber-rights advocate John Perry Barlow (http://www.heise.de/tp/english/inhalt/te/14337/1.html).

The New England Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (NEASIST) presented It's Not Just Google Anymore: Blogs and the Latest in Search Engines as its April meeting. The meeting focused on tools for finding information on the Web, addressing the latest developments in search engine technologies and the rapid growth of blogs, aka weblogs.  Among the scheduled speakers was Ran Hock, author of The Extreme Searcher's Guide to Web Search Engines, and a frequent contributor and columnist for professional journals.

The Potomac Valley Chapter (PVC) teamed up with SIG/III in May for an International Bazaar and Merrymaking Evening. Designed as a fundraiser to support travel grants for six international scholars to attend the 2003 ASIST Annual Meeting, the evening featured the Bazaar, a raffle and a silent auction.

News from ASIST SIGs

SIG/III Sponsors 4th International Paper Contest

For the fourth consecutive year, SIG/International Information Issues (III) is sponsoring its International Paper Contest to encourage scholarly contributions from students and scholars outside the United States. Focusing each year on international digital libraries and advances in developing countries, this year’s theme is Humanizing Information Technology – From Ideas to Bits and Back: The Developing World Perspective." Winning papers will be presented at the 2003 ASIST Annual Meeting, October 19-22, in Long Beach, California.

Entries can be at the country or regional level, and they can discuss issues, policies and case studies on specific aspects of the theme, such as, but not limited to, information management, organization and access; information seeking and use; information retrieval; interactivity; ethical, social, political, legal and economic issues related to the role of information in society; information production, transfer and delivery; technologies for computing and networking.

Six winners will be selected by a panel of judges, which will include Nadia Caidi, University of Toronto; Nathalie Leroy, United Nations; Michel Menou, City University of London; Margarita Studemeister, United States Institute of Peace, and Hong Xu, University of Pittsburgh. The prize for each winner is a two-year individual membership in ASIST.  In the case of multiple authors, the principal author will be awarded the ASIST membership. The first place winner will be awarded a $1,000 travel grant and conference registration fee to the ASIST Annual Conference in Long Beach. Depending on the availability of additional resources, the SIG/III International Paper Competition Committee will provide some travel funds for a second winner who has not previously been in the United States.

Submitted papers will be considered for posting on the SIG/III website as pre-publications.  In addition they will also be considered for inclusion in the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, based on the decision of Editor Irene Travis. Papers will also be reviewed for inclusion in a special issue of the International Information and Library Review, subject to the usual peer refereeing process.


Only papers by a principal author who is a citizen of and resides in a developing country are eligible. Winners in previous SIG/III International Paper Contests are not eligible. The papers should be original, unpublished and preferably in English, but submissions in French or Spanish will be accepted. Submissions are encouraged from librarians, information and network specialists, and educators involved in the creation, representation, maintenance, exchange, discovery, delivery and use of digital information.


Authors are invited to submit manuscripts, not to exceed 6000 words, by June 30, 2003. Authors are encouraged to submit papers electronically. For complete rules or to submit manuscripts, please contact Yunfei Du by e-mail at the following address: ydu@lis.admin.unt.edu

News about ASIST Members

June Lester, professor, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Oklahoma, and Wallace C. Koehler, Jr., associate professor and director, Department of Information Studies, Valdosta State University, are the authors of Fundamentals of Information Studies: Understanding Information and Its Environment (Neal-Schuman), described as the first information studies textbook that approaches the field from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Debora Shaw, associate dean and associate professor in the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University, has been named interim dean through the 2004-05 academic year. She succeeds Blaise Cronin, who has served as dean since 1991. Shaw, a past ASIST president, received the 1993 Watson Davis Award for outstanding continuous contributions and dedicated service to the society.

Carol Tenopir, professor in the School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, was one of four distinguished faculty members awarded 2003 Research and Creative Achievement Awards at the Provost's Honors Banquet in April. The award is a prestigious acknowledgment of scientific exploration and creative accomplishments of the senior faculty. Designed to honor accomplished researchers known internationally in their fields, this award recognizes Tenopir for her advances in teaching, research and service at the University. She is also the winner of the 2002 ASIST Research Award.

Betty Turock, longtime member of the faculty at Rutgers University and a major contributor to the information science profession, was honored by her friends and colleagues with a reception at the annual meeting of the New Jersey Library Association in early April.


Anne Buck

Anne Buck, former ASIST treasurer and university librarian at California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, passed away April 3 after a valiant struggle with cancer. Prior to joining CalTech, she was employed at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, where she directed the revitalization of the Van Houten Library and its move into a new four-story facility designed by Hillier Associates. Previously, she served in several positions at Bellcore from 1984 to 1991, including director of the Bellcore library network. She went to Bellcore from AT&T Bell Laboratories, where she was technical reference librarian at the Naperville, Illinois site, group supervisor of the Technical Library in Reading, Pennsylvania, and group supervisor for General Building Services in North Andover, Massachusetts.

Anne was treasurer of ASIST from 1992-95 and was chair of the New Jersey Chapter of ASIST in 1987-88. Under her leadership the New Jersey Chapter received the ASIST Chapter-of-the-Year award in 1988. She held an M.S. degree in library science from the University of Kentucky and a bachelor’s degree in geology from Wellesley College.

Anne was remembered at a memorial service on the campus of the California Institute of Technology in mid-April. In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that contributions in Anne's memory be directed to the Wellesley College Scholarship Fund, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Cloyd Dake Gull

Cloyd Dake Gull, ASIST president in 1960, passed away in the Washington area on May 1. Born in 1915, Gull had a long and industrious career in the information profession. He was involved with federal, government and special libraries, and he participated in the development of MEDLARS.  He held numerous posts at the Library of Congress, including service as deputy chief/acting chief of the Catalog Maintenance Division and editor-in-chief of the Science and Technology Project. He was also a consultant for GE Information Systems Operations, professor at Indiana University and president of Gull & Associates, Inc.

Memorial contributions may be made to Christ Episcopal Church, 107 S. Washington St., Rockville, MD 20850.

Roger Needham

Roger Needham, an outstanding scientist in Cambridge, England, and the husband of 2002 ASIST Award of Merit Winner Karen Sparck Jones, passed away in late February at the age of 67 after a long illness.

Roger's most recent achievement, the creation of Microsoft's Research Laboratory in Cambridge in 1997, followed a long and distinguished career with the University of Cambridge. Computer science was in its infancy when Roger became involved in the late 1950s and he made a major contribution to the way that the discipline developed over the subsequent decades. He was a frequent contributor to the publications of the American Documentation Institute, the organization that has become ASIST.

Treasurer Presents ASIST Audit

ASIST Treasurer Cecilia Preston has presented the audited financial statements for fiscal year 2002 to the ASIST Board of Directors. The full report, accepted by the Board, is presented on these two pages.

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