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This issue of the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology focuses on an aspect of information architecture that was well represented at the recent Third ASIST Information Architecture Summit in Baltimore. Andrew Dillon, who was one of the organizers, first gives his overall impression of that event. Then we present three articles related to vocabulary control and design on websites. Two articles are based on presentations at the summit. Jason Withrow discusses "Information Scent" in website design, while David Farnum presents a case study of vocabulary development and testing for Egreetings.com. Finally, Bella Weinberg describes a course she is now offering at St. John's University that ties together the study of classification as it applies in both the paper and Web worlds. For much more detailed coverage of the summit than we are offering here (complete with chickens), I highly recommend the write-up by Christina Wodtke and others at www.boxesandarrows.com and the many slide presentations available through the ASIST website (www.asis.org )

In other ASIST news, Don Kraft brings us up-to-date on the Society's activities, while Blaise Cronin discusses his new role as the editor of the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology. We also continue three other topics that have been appearing in recent issues. Andy Dillon reflects on IA and his recent move to Austin, and Lee Strickland comments on recent legal developments related to his series Information and the War Against Terrorism. The next regular installment of the series will appear in the August/September 2002 issue.

Finally, we present the paper that was awarded second place honors in the SIG/III 2001 International Paper Competition. In it, Jagdish Arora discusses the implementation of digital libraries at the India Institute of Technology, New Delhi.

Irene L. Travis, Editor
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

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