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Editor's Note

One of the major potential sources for Bulletin articles is the excellent and timely programs put on by our active local chapters. Unfortunately, these oral presentations rarely make the necessary transition to paper. In this issue, however, we are pleased to feature three articles from two presentations given at the December 2000 meeting of the NEASIST Chapter. The subject was "A Walk on the Wireless Side." Bulletin publication has been made possible largely through the labor of Anne Cushing of the Harvard University Libraries, who has undertaken the considerable task of converting the transcripts of the presentations to our harder medium. Those of you who have ever tried this chore know that it takes no small effort, and we are very grateful to her. In addition, the section includes an extensive bibliography on wireless technology compiled for the meeting by Michael Jimenez, also at Harvard.

The other paper featured in this issue took third place honors in the 2000 SIG/III International Paper Competition. Its authors, Chao-chen Chen, Hsueh-hua Chen and Kuang-hua Chen of Taiwan, describe Metalogy, a metadata management system they developed to support the metadata requirements of the National Museum Project of the National Science Council of Taiwan.

Finally, in their regular columns, Joe Busch, ASIST President, discusses current news of the Society, and Andrew Dillon takes another look at the information architecture community.

Irene L. Travis, Editor
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

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