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A Walk on the Wireless Side

Edited by Anne Cushing

The landscape of networked computing is evolving as we speak.  The days of searching the Internet, checking e-mail or using a library's online catalogue with a bulky machine fixed to a socket in the wall may come to an end.  Academic and professional environments are swarming with cellular phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and laptops. Due to the emergence of wireless networks, these devices will enable us to communicate and conduct research any place, unrestricted by the length of a cable.

On December 11, 2000, the New England Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology sponsored a program entitled, "A Walk on the Wireless Side."  The program is listed below. The three articles in this special section were prepared from transcripts of two of the presentations. The first describes the experiences of Joe Chung, chief technology officer of Art Technology Group (ATG), a software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The second and third articles detail a project at the Wallace Library of the Rochester Institute of Technology  (RIT) in Rochester, New York. Pat Pitkin, library director at RIT, gives an overview of the project, while Michael Robertson, library software specialist, provides a technical perspective. Also included are a Glossary of Wireless Terms and an extensive bibliography prepared for the event by Michael Jimenez of the Harvard Law School Library. Other papers from the session will be presented in future issues of the Bulletin.

The Program
December 11, 2000

A Walk on the Wireless Side

Wireless Networking at MIT
Chris Murphy, network engineer, MIT

Wireless Ways: Business and Personal Applications of Wireless Technology
Joe Chung, CTO, Art Technology Group

Wireless Technology in the Library: The RIT Experience
Pat Pitkin, director of libraries, Rochester Institute of Technology
Michael Robertson, software specialist, Rochester Institute of Technology

Wireless Andrew
Charles R. Bartel, director of operations, computing services, Carnegie Mellon University

WAP Is a Trap: Alternatives to WAP
Andrew Hammoude, Neda Communications, Inc., and the Free Protocols Foundation

Wireless Thin Client: A New Model for Student Computing
Mark Cain, executive director of information services and support, College of Mt. St. Joseph

Anne Cushing is librarian/Web systems specialist at Harvard University and can be reached by mail at John F. Kennedy School of Government, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, 79 John F. Kennedy Street, Cambridge, MA 02138; by phone: 617/495-1408; by fax: 617/495-8963; or by e-mail: anne_cushing@Harvard.edu

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