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Annual Meeting Coverage

The December/January issue of the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology traditionally contains in-depth coverage of the ASIST Annual Meeting, including reports on major technical sessions, full photographic and textual coverage of the winners of the ASIST awards and news of other relevant activities.

This year, however, the early November date of the 2001 Annual Meeting fell outside the production cycle for this issue of the Bulletin. Therefore, the bulk of Annual Meeting news will be included in the February/March 2002 issue.

In this issue, we have included the acceptance speech of the Award of Merit winner and two Hot Topics articles that the presenters were kind enough to provide in advance of their presentations. In addition, we are including the winners of the prestigious ASIST awards, but details and photographs of their honors will be included in the next issue.

2001 ASIST Awards Honorees

The following individuals, groups and products were honored at the 2001 ASIST Annual Meeting Awards Banquet and at other venues during the meeting. Details of these honors will be included in the next issue of the Bulletin.

Award of Merit - Patrick G. Wilson

    Watson Davis Award - Julie Hurd

    Research Award - Paul Kantor

    ISI Citation Analysis Research Grant - John Budd and colleagues (MaryEllen Sievert, Gabriel M. Peterson, Ku Chuin Su - University of Missouri - Columbia)

    Best Information Science Book Award - Christine L. Borgman

    John Wiley & Sons Best JASIST Paper Award - Robert M. Losee

    ISI Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award - Barbara Kwasnik

    James Cretsos Leadership Award - Allison Kopczynski

    UMI Doctoral Dissertation Award - Allison Powell

    ISI Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship - Alesia Z. Zuccala

    Pratt-Severn Best Student Research Paper Award - Brian Hilligoss

    Best Chapter Event Award - New England Chapter

    Chapter Member-of-the-Year - Linda McCann (Los Angeles Chapter)

    Chapter Print Publication-of-the-Year - OASIS (Los Angeles Chapter)

    Chapter Electronic Publication-of-the-Year - SOASIST. . . on the Move (Southern Ohio Chapter)

    Best SIG Publication Award - IA e-mail list

    SIG Member-of-the-Year - Suzie Allard

    Chapter-of-the-Year - Los Angeles and Southern Ohio Chapters

    Student Chapter-of-the-Year - Simmons College

SIG-of-the-Year - SIG/III

New Officers and Directors Join ASIST Board

With the start of the 2002 administrative year, the ASIST Board of Directors welcomed four new members, each of whom will serve the society for three years. Those elected by the membership during the summer balloting are Trudi Bellardo Hahn, president-elect; Cecilia Preston, treasurer; and Andrew Dillon and Abby Goodrum, directors-at-large.

As the new members took their seats on the ASIST Board, Donald H. Kraft, elected last year as president-elect, assumed the presidency from Joseph A. Busch, who now serves as past president for one year.

Kraft is professor in the Department of Computer Science, Louisiana State University, and editor of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

Hahn is manager of Library User Education Services and adjunct professor at the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. Previously, she has held positions with the Maryland State Department of Education, the Special Libraries Association, Catholic University and the University of Kentucky. Among her contributions to ASIST have been chairing the just-concluded 2001 Annual Meeting (Washington, DC), as well as the 1983 Mid-Year Meeting (Lexington, KY); chairing several ASIST committees and Special Interest Groups; serving as Director-at-Large on the Board of Trustees; and chairing numerous juries for awards, papers and scholarships.

Preston is the senior managing partner at Preston & Lynch, a consulting firm established in 1995, with clients that include libraries, museums, standards bodies and others interested in the use of technology to distribute information.  Prior to that she was the principle in Strategic & Competitive Research of Palo Alto and Ventura, CA, and has held positions in both corporate and academic libraries.  In ASIST, she has held positions in the San Francisco chapter; on Annual and Mid-Year program and local arrangements committees; as editor of the Proceedings of the ASIST Annual Meetings; and on several national committees and awards juries. She is also the co-author with Clifford Lynch of a chapter in the Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, and they are currently working on an upcoming chapter.

Goodrum is assistant professor in the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University.  She was formerly at Drexel University, where she taught courses in visual information retrieval, knowledge management and information architecture.  Prior to beginning her academic career, she was a librarian for Cable News Network. Active in ASIST since 1991, she has served on the SIG Cabinet Steering Committee and SIG Cabinet Advisory Board and on several committees and awards juries. In addition, she has chaired four Special Interest Groups and contributed numerous panels and presentations to ASIST meetings. She was the winner of the Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Scholarship in 1996.

Dillon is an associate professor of information science at Indiana University where he serves as Director of the IU Program in HCI and holds adjunct faculty positions in Computer Science and Instructional Systems Technology. Beginning in January 2002, he will serve as dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Texas at Austin, with adjunct professor positions in psychology and management science and information systems. He is currently co-editing a special issue of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) on information architecture. In addition, he writes a regular column on information architecture for the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.

As the new Board of Directors went to work in Washington, DC, at the conclusion of the 2001 Annual Meeting, the service of those leaving the Board was acknowledged. Eugene Garfield, immediate past president; George Ryerson, treasurer; and Gary Marchionini and Victor Rosenberg, directors-at-large, were thanked for their distinguished efforts on behalf of the Society and its membership.

    News from ASIST Chapters

The Seattle Reading Group of the ASIST Pacific Northwest (PNW) Chapter began its fall season in early October with a discussion of digital tracking devices. The articles scheduled for discussion were Watermarking Cyberspace (www.acm.org/~hlb/col-edit/digital_village/nov_97/dv_11-97.html) and Fingerprinting Foolery: The New Anti-Piracy Hope www.newmediamusic.com/articles/NM01070105.html

Then in November the Seattle Reading Group of the PNW Chapter hosted a special University of Washington ASIST Student Chapter Night for The Information School. With the topic of "Information Architecture," the selected discussion article was Information Architecture Practice, introduction and interviews from the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (www.asis.org/Bulletin/Aug-00/index.html). Suggested additional reading included a description of IA by University of Texas-Austin www.gslis.utexas.edu/~l38613dw/readings/InfoArchitecture.html

The Minnesota Chapter of ASIST scheduled Inside Out: Outsell Looks at the Information Industry as its joint meeting with SLA in October. Featuring David Curle, director and lead analyst for Outsell, Inc., the meeting was to be a look into the information industry, including producers, vendors, big corporate clients and portals. Outsell is a research and advisory firm focused on the information industry.

The Potomac Valley Chapter was among the first ASIST chapters to plan a meeting focusing on the terrorist acts of September 11. For its October meeting, the chapter scheduled Information and the War Against Terrorism, looking at the importance of information as a key element in the eventual success of the U.S. war against terror. Lee Strickland, visiting professor in the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland, recently served as the CIA official responsible for the development of information and privacy policy as well as the management of all information review and release programs. He was to discuss, among other topics, how information can be our most effective war tool, and the key information-related issues presented by this war (see also Strickland's article, "Information and the War Against Terrorism," in this issue of the Bulletin).

The Southern Ohio (SOASIST) Chapter , in conjunction with Lexis-Nexis Technical Library, sponsored an October panel session on What Else Can You Do with an MLS Besides Traditional Librarianship? Among the speakers discussing such alternatives as webmaster, indexer and product support analyst were Sandy McIntyre Colby, OCLC; Mary E. Marshall, Greenwood Electronic Media; Patricia Neff, Lexis-Nexis; and Linda Newman, University of Cincinnati Digital Press. The meeting was also to include announcement of the winners of the SOASIST 2001 awards.

SOASIST also announces the availability of html and pdf slides from its September program on LAN Hotspots at www.asis.org/Chapters/soasis/events/past.html

For its November meeting, the Central Ohio ASIST (COASIST) Chapter scheduled presentations by Paula Rumbaugh of OCLC and Judy Wagner of ERIC Clearinghouse. Rumbaugh was to talk about the Cooperative Reference Service being developed by OCLC in cooperation with the Library of Congress and several other library groups. Wagner was to discuss the AskERIC service and demonstrate the service's website and resource bank.

At its November meeting the Los Angeles Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (LACASIS) presented its Contributions to Information Science Award Program 2001, featuring honoree Elaine Svenonius, UCLA professor emerita, who was to speak on Trends in Information Organization. Dr. Svenonius taught cataloging, classification and indexing at UCLA from 1983 until 1994, after which she was a visiting professor in Brazil and at the University of Maryland.

And in December, LACASIS will host its annual Joint Holiday Meeting with the Southern California Chapter of SLA, featuring broadcast news anchor Ron Kilgore. With more than 30 years in the radio and television news business, Kilgore brings a wide range of information gathering and reporting skills to his current jobs as reporter, host and producer of a variety of programs at KFWB in Los Angeles.

The New England Chapter of ASIST (NEASIST) will address the issue of The Future of Fair Use at its December meeting. Focusing on questions raised by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, speakers will discuss issues associated with continued access to copyrighted materials.

The Michigan Chapter of ASIST took a look at Modernity, Postmodernity and the Production of Knowledge, featuring Ron Day, at its November meeting. Day was to discuss themes in his recent JASIST article and book, The Modern Invention of Information: Discourse, History and Power (Southern Illinois University Press). Following the presentation, chapter members who attended the 2001 ASIST Annual Meeting were to report their experiences and summarize some of the technical programs they attended while in Washington.

SOASIST Announces Student Scholarship Essay Competition Winner

The Southern Ohio Chapter of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (SOASIST) has selected Stephen Manos, a student in Kent State University's School of Library and Information Science program, as the winner of its first hoped to be annual student scholarship essay competition. The competition is designed to encourage students in library and information science programs to participate in the activities of professional societies.

Competitors in the contest composed essays addressing the following questions: "What specific benefits do I expect to derive from attending the ASIST 2001 Annual Meeting?  How will I integrate these benefits into the start of my new career?" The winner received reimbursement funding up to $1000 for registration, airfare, food and lodging expenses to attend the 2001 ASIST Annual Meeting and a one-year membership in ASIST. 

Established at the suggestion of Patricia Carter, technical librarian and 2001 chair-elect/programs chair of SOASIST, the award was funded mostly by LexisNexis through the assistance of Jill Konieczko, CFM marketing manager.

 Stephen wrote in part:

    "I am interested in recent research methodologies for information seeking behavior, next generation systems, and user interface design. . . I am most interested in understanding user concerns from the user's viewpoint, whether those users are line employees in a corporate environment, patrons in a public library or catalogers dealing with newly automated software. A broad view of any system that allows users to retrieve or manage information requires a fundamental understanding of information organization,  classification, accessibility and representation. From the conference, I wish to learn from actual experience how to incorporate these fundamental concepts in both traditional libraries and corporate settings outside of librarianship. To that extent, it is essential that I begin to understand how users view networked systems, what assumptions networking makes about usability, how users respond to interface design and information representation and how to convey to users options and/or limitations for interface design based on existing or next generation technology."

The full text of Stephen's winning essay will be published in the upcoming issue of the SOASIST newsletter, soasis&t ... on the move ( www.asis.org/Chapters/soasis/enews/index.html).

    News about ASIST Members

Jason Holmes, formerly an instructor in the School of Library and Information Science at Louisiana State University, has joined the faculty of Kent State University as assistant professor in the School of Library and Information Science. Holmes is completing his Ph.D. at the University of North Texas. His research interests include information retrieval, information retrieval systems evaluation, cognitive aspects of information seeking and new ways to explore and represent information.

Fiber art by Lois Lunin, New York City, graces the cover of the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, volume 52, number 11. The "Cypher Series Knots," symbols of information storage and retrieval, are from the top "Tangles of Memory," "Venetian Holiday" and "Cyphers No. 9 - Cyphers Punctuation."

Emil Levine, librarian of the UNIDO Library and Knowledge Management Centre, reports that his contract with UNIDO has ended. He extends his appreciation for all assistance provided in building the Centre and asks that any personal e-mails for him be directed to emil.levine@chello.at.

Karla Petersen was appointed Acting Dean of Libraries at Loyola University Chicago for a one-year period, beginning July 1, 2001. In this capacity she is responsible for the operations of five libraries on three Chicago area campuses and in Rome, Italy.

Carol Tenopir, professor in the School of Information Sciences, University of Tennessee, has received a $251,961 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to study electronic journal use by undergraduates. The grant, entitled "Increasing Effective Student Use of the Scientific Journal Literature," is part of a broad NSF initiative. The research is part of a multidisciplinary effort to create a national science, mathematics, engineering and technology digital library (NSDL), which will make collections of high-quality scientific teaching resources available for teaching at all levels. Peiling Wang, also of the School of Information Sciences, will also participate in the project.

Allison Kopczynski, immediate past chair and web manager of the Indiana ASIST (I-ASIST) Chapter, notes that the chapter has a new interface for its website at www.asis.org/Chapters/IASIS/.  Particular thanks go to Jason Patterson for his generous time and creativity on the logo and to Matt Theobald for finding such talent.

Three faculty of the College of Library and Information Studies, University of Maryland, all ASIST members, are on a team awarded a $7.5 million Information Technology Research grant from the National Science Foundation. The award was made to the Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, whose more than 50,000 eyewitness testimonies from survivors of the Nazi Holocaust constitute the world's largest collection of video and oral histories. Maryland's team, led by Douglas Oard, will focus on providing automated support for multilingual cataloging and development of end-user multilingual search technology that integrates evidence from manual cataloging and automatic speech processing. Dagobert Soergel and Bruce Dearstyne are also on the team.

News from an ASIST SIG

SIG/CON, the largest of ASIST's Special Interest Groups (since by its constitution all ASIST members are SIG/CON members), now has its own website at www.simmons.edu/~schwartz/con/sig-con.html. Candy Schwartz, webmaster for this new site, notes that it is a volunteer effort, so it won't be too fancy. But she is asking for contributions to be added to the site. Particularly, she wants SIG/CON pictures and elements of any previous SIG/CON presentations, such as notes, audiotapes and transparencies. Submissions should be sent to Candy at Simmons College.


Report on SIG/III Representation at NCLIS Meeting, August 21, 2001, Boston, MA

by Bahaa El-Hadidy, Chair, SIG/III

On August 21, 2001, I represented SIG/III at the meeting of the National Commission on Libraries and Information Science (NCLIS) in Boston. The meeting was held in conjunction with the IFLA Annual Meeting. The following is a summary of my activities during my trip to Boston:

a) I reported to the NCLIS Commissioners the SIG/III plans concerning the development of the International Information Conference to be co-sponsored by ASIST and Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt in 2003, and the SIG future project about developing an International Digital Knowledge Center at Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The Commissioners expressed their interest and support for the two projects.

b) I met with Mr. Abdelaziz Abid, representative of UNESCO Information and Informatics Division. Mr. Abid indicated UNESCO's interest in the International Conference and the Digital Knowledge Center. He expects to request funding support for it in his budget.

c) Dr. Shawky Salem, coordinator of the IFLA/FID International Seminar at Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA), and I discussed the status of the seminar and the participation of ASIST in it. Dr. Salem informed me that the new director of BA requested some changes in the seminar program and he indicated that BA is interested in holding the seminar few months following the opening of BA.

d) I attended an NCLIS Sister Libraries Program meeting which discussed the international activities of the project and its developments.

e) IFLA Express, the newsletter of IFLA Conference, published an announcement about the SIG project concerning the ASIST/BA International Conference of 2003 in its issue No. 7, August 24, p.16, and warmly encouraged the international participation in the conference.

Bahaa El-Hadidy, retired professor of information science, can be reached by telephone and fax at 813/978-1551.

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