of the American Society for Information Science and Technology   Vol. 28, No. 2    December / January 2002


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Editor's Note

I have just returned from the Annual Meeting, which I am happy to say was well attended, despite some initial fears to the contrary. There were many excellent sessions on our usual broad and stimulating range of topics. The sessions were videotaped and will be available on CD/ROM or online shortly. Please watch the ASIST Web page (www.asis.org ) for further details.

This issue contains several meeting-related items: Don Kraft's Inaugural Address, the citation and acceptance speech for the 2001 Award of Merit and two papers from a Hot Topics panel, two more of which will appear in the next issue.

The Award of Merit winner was Patrick Wilson, professor emeritus at the School of Information Management and Systems at the University of California, Berkeley. It was Pat's wonderful enthusiasm and staggering range of scholarship that demonstrated to me that there were significant challenges in the study of library and information science when I happened into one of the first courses that he taught at Berkeley. That experience profoundly influenced my career, and I, with many others, am deeply grateful to him. Pat was unfortunately not able to make the trip to Washington, and Howard White read his acceptance speech .  More extensive coverage of the meeting will appear in the next issue.

The events of September 11, 2001, were, of course, much on everyone's mind. There were no sessions devoted directly to them, but the influence was much with us. In this issue we have two articles related to these events. As one item, we have the thoughts of ASIST Immediate Past President Joe Busch about the implications of September 11 for information professionals (see "Final Thoughts" at the end of this issue).

As the second, we have an extensive article by Lee S. Strickland, formerly the CIA official responsible for the development of information and privacy policy as well as the management of all information release for that agency. His paper is based on a talk he gave for the ASIST Potomac Valley Chapter in late October. He provides both an historical context and a framework for considering the challenges of eradicating terrorism in his very relevant and informative discussion.

Lastly, we have a paper by B. Shadrach on non-governmental organizations and information networks in India. This paper was highly placed in last year's SIG/III International Digital Libraries Contest.

Irene L. Travis, Editor
Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology

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