February/March 1997


Cover Stories

ASIS 1997 Mid-Year Meeting Preview

Personal Privacy: An Introduction to Some Issues and What to Do about Them
Barbara Flood

Creeping Peoplebases: Database Developments and Privacy Loss
Barbara Flood and William Lutz

The Emotionality of Privacy
Barbara Flood

Monitoring Your Movements
W.E. Lutz

Privacy Survival Guide: How to Take Control of Your Personal Information
Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Privacy and Policy
Shelly Warwick

Testimony on Health Information Confidentiality
Kathleen A. Frawley

Balancing Patient Confidentiality and Release of Information
Dawn Murto Carman

Achieving Effective Medical Information Security: Understanding the Culture
Douglas M. Stetson

Moses Meets Big Brother: The Ten Commandments of Privacy
John Featherman


Inside ASIS
Digital Libraries
Candy Schwartz