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February/March 2012
Vol. 38, No. 3
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ASIS&T Plenary Section | Preservation:  The Final Frontier
by Steve Hardin

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ASIS&T Plenary Section | How to Identify Ducks in Flight:  A Crowdsourcing Approach to Biodiversity Research and Conservation
by Steve Hardin
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Museum Informatics:
Something New, Something More


by Layna White, Special Guest Editor
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CollectionSpace:  A Story of Open-Source Software Development and User-Centered Design
by Megan Forbes
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Unintended Consequences:  Unlimited Access, Invisible Work and the Future of the Information Profession in Cultural Heritage Organizations
by Paul F. Marty
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A Haystack Full of Needles:  Scholarly Access Challenges in Museum Video Archives
by Heather Nodler
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Advanced Imaging Tools for Museum and Library Conservation and Research
by Carla Schroer
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OpenART:  Open Metadata for Art Research at the Tate
by Julie Allinson
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The Future of Museum Scholarly Catalogues
by Nik Honeysett
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Teens Virtual Environments and Information Literacy
by Jamshid Beheshti

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Computer Refurbishing:  Environmentally Reducing the Digital Divide
by Howard Fosdick

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IA Column

What Happens When Context Thwarts an Information Architect's Vision?
by Thom Haller

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President's Page

by Diane H. Sonnenwald

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Editor's Desktop
by Irene Travis

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Inside ASIS&T
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