ASIS&T president Diane Sonnenwald marks the start of 2012 by applauding the many ways the organization is helping the membership stay current with industry trends. Members are volunteering to promote the organization on numerous fronts, from Facebook to webinars to planning and volunteer recruitment for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Baltimore. ASIS&T membership renewals have been simplified with conditionally lower rates, including special rates for members in less developed countries, and there are proposals for holding future meetings in countries outside North America. Volunteers and headquarters staff work collaboratively on many aspects of meeting planning through the year and the variety of other activities that keep ASIS&T a vibrant organization. Members are encouraged to renew their memberships, take advantage of offerings, participate actively in the organization and provide their support as volunteers.

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Bulletin, February/March 2012

Diane H. Sonnenwald, ASIS&T PresidentPresident’s Page

Diane H. Sonnenwald 
2012 ASIS&T President
Head of School and Professor 
School of Information Science and Library Studies
University College Dublin

Best wishes for the New Year! 

As we celebrate the beginning of 2012, there are many reasons to pause and reflect. Some members are experiencing challenging times due to illness, reduced salaries or even the loss of a job. To help these members, ASIS&T allows them to renew their memberships for only $40 per annum. And retired members can renew their memberships for $70 per annum. There were some problems with the renewal web page during the autumn, so if you tried but were unable to renew your membership, please try again. We believe the problems have been corrected; however, if you experience difficulties please contact Dick Hill (rhill<at> As many of you know, Dick is very good at solving such issues. For details regarding all aspects of membership renewal, please see

There are also reasons to give thanks. Many colleagues have been hard at work on behalf of all members.

The ASIS&T Facebook page has a new look thanks to the efforts of Misty Weaver (headquarters staff) and the Publications Committee, co-chaired by Neil Smalheiser (University of Illinois) and Robert B. Allen (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand). Check it out! And be sure to add posts! All chapters, SIGs and members are welcome to post on the ASIS&T Facebook page. You can bookmark the page to access it more easily. The URL is

Reserve the dates, October 26-31, 2012, on your calendar for the 2012 Annual Meeting, which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland. The 2012 Annual Meeting co-chairs, Crystal Fulton (University College Dublin, Ireland), ShanJu L. Chang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan) and Julie Hersberger (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) continue to plan the meeting and recruit additional volunteers to help in this process. Michael Olsson (University of Technology Sydney, Australia) and Sanna Talja (Uppsala University, Sweden) have agreed to co-chair the information track. Sanda Erdelez (University of Missouri), Catherine Johnson (University of Western Ontario, Canada) and Chirag Shah (Rutgers University) will be the co-chairs of the interaction track. Hsiao-Tieh Pu (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan), Luz M. Quiroga (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and Gerald Benoit (Simmons College) are the co-chairs of the innovation track. 

In addition to paper, panel and workshop submissions to the Annual Meeting, interactive submissions are also invited this year. Interactive submissions include demos, videos and posters. Details regarding all submissions to the conference can be found at

Annual meeting co-chairs and track co-chairs work many hours voluntarily organizing the event in collaboration with the ASIS&T headquarters staff. ASIS&T members, meeting attendees and students, as well as academics and practitioners who read the meeting proceedings over the years, all benefit from their efforts. We owe this year’s volunteers as well as previous volunteers our thanks. 

ASIS&T’s Special Interest Group/International Information Issues (SIG/III) under the leadership of Daniel Alemneh (University of North Texas) prepared a thoughtful proposal recommending reduced membership fees for individuals residing in countries categorized annually by the United Nations as “medium” or “low” with respect to human development. The United Nations analyzes human development across the globe from a human-capabilities perspective – that is, “the range of things that people can do or be in life” ( The ASIS&T Board recently considered the proposal and adopted it unanimously. (See details in Inside ASIS&T.) For more information about SIG/III, including its officers, see

The International Relations Committee, chaired by Mei-Mei Wu (National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan), is investigating different opportunities with respect to holding an Annual Meeting outside North America. The Online Education Task Force, under the leadership of Diane Neal (University of Western Ontario, Canada) continues to provide interesting webinars. Most of the webinars are free to members; see

As you can see many colleagues have been donating their time and expertise to support ASIS&T and increase the benefits our organization provides to each member. I encourage everyone to continue to renew their membership and take advantage of, and contribute to, ASIS&T. 

Many thanks to everyone for your continuing efforts on behalf of ASIS&T, and, again, best wishes for the new year.

Diane Sonnenwald is 2012 president of ASIS&T. She is head of school and professor at the School of Information and Library Studies at University College Dublin and an adjunct professor in computer science at the University of North Carolina. Prior to joining academia she worked at Bellcore. Her research has been funded by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, European Science Foundation, as well as private corporations and foundations. She can be reached at diane.sonnenwald<at>