Bulletin, February/March 2011

Inside ASIS&T

Fuller to Headline Start of ASIS&T Lecture Series
Dr. Sherrilynne FullerThe ASIS&T Annual Lecture series, first announced in 2010 as an annual program to highlight and promote the progress of information science and technology, kicks off later this spring with a featured presentation by Dr. Sherrilynne Fuller, renowned researcher in areas related to health information systems and technologies.

Dr. Fuller, professor of biomedical and health informatics at the School of Public Health and the Information School, University of Washington, will speak on "From Intervention Informatics to Prevention Informatics," Monday, April 11, at the University of Kentucky. While the onsite audience is expected to be the health and information community from University of Kentucky and the Lexington area, the presentation will be captured and made available to ASIS&T members and others afterwards.

Dr. Fuller is co-director of the UW Center for Public Health Informatics. Her speech will focus on her work on developing health information systems (from individual patient records to building integrated databases and tools to support disease surveillance). She will discuss how the established model of information systems to support intervention is leading to what she calls "prevention informatics," in which information systems help prevent disease in the first place. She will discuss the use of information and communications technologies for improving health in low resource settings. She believes that many of the information systems problems in developing countries are mirrored in a variety of ways in the United States. 

News from ASIS&T SIGs
Welcome to SIG/Metrics (SIG/MET), officially chartered at the ASIS&T 2010 Annual Meeting. The new SIG describes itself as a special interest group for the measurement of information production and use. From its official information: SIG/MET encourages the development and networking of all those interested in the measurement of information. It encompasses not only bibliometrics, scientometrics and informetrics, but also measurement of the web and the Internet, applications running on these platforms, and metrics related to network analysis, visualization, scholarly communication and the design and operation of digital libraries. SIG/MET will facilitate activities to encourage the promotion, research and application of metrics topics. 

The SIG has taken its first post-charter step with the appointment of officers for the current year: Jonathan Levitt, chair; Stasa Milojevic, chair-elect; Dietmar Wolfram, secretary/treasurer; Angela Zoss, communications officer/webmaster; Cassidy Sugimoto, programming officer; Judit Bar-Ilan, liaison officer; and Ni Chaoqun, Student Paper Contest.

SIG/III Fundraising Reaches New Heights
Daniel Alemneh, chair of SIG/III, sends word that the generosity of ASIS&T members led to the SIG’s most successful fundraising year ever, all captured at the ASIS&T 2010 International Reception at the Annual Meeting. The growth came by way of bigger and better donations of items to both the silent auction and the raffle, as well as higher bids and better raffle ticket sales. In addition, the SIG credits both the School of Information Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for sponsoring the lively Columbian band and the University of Pittsburgh’s SLIS student chapter for putting together the raffle gift basket. 

All proceeds go to the SIG/III InfoShare Fund, which offers ASIS&T memberships to information professionals in developing countries for whom the cost of membership would otherwise be a financial burden.