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February/March 2010
Vol. 36, No. 3
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  ANNUAL MEETING COVERAGE                                                               

Inside ASIS&T

A Look at ASIS&T 2009 | Photo Montage

2009 ASIS&T Award Winners
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Features | ASIS&T 2009 Plenary Sessions

Tim Bray Encourages Innovation
by Steve Hardin
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Diversity in Digital Information Environments:  Opportunity or Chaos?  A Pecha-Kucha Presentation
by Steve Hardin
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Special Section

Introduction | A Decade of SIG/USE: Celebrating SIG/USE and Information Behavior Research
by Crystal Fulton, Guest Editor
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Fifty Years of Information Behavior Research
by T.D. Wilson
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Early Information Behavior Research
by Barbara M. Wildemuth and Donald O. Case
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Collaborative Information Seeking and Sharing: The 9th Symposium of SIG/USE
by Nadia Caidi, Soo Young Rieh and Guillermo Oyarce
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SIG/USE Live in Second Life at ASIS&T 2009
by Diane Nahl
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Forecasting the Next 10 Years in Information Behavior Research:  A Fish Bowl Dialogue
by Gary Burnett and Sanda Erdelez
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Perspectives on DRM:  Between Digital Rights Management and Digital Restrictions Management
by Rafal Kasprowski
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IA Column:  Attending to Performance
by Thom Haller
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What's New:  Selected Abstracts from JASIST
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Letter to the Editor
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Editor's Desktop
by Irene Travis
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President's Page
by Gary Marchionini
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Inside ASIS&T
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