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February/March 2008
Vol. 34, No. 3
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  ANNUAL MEETING COVERAGE                                                              

A Look at ASIS&T 2007
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2007 ASIS&T Award Winners
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ASIS&T Award of Merit to Donald H. Kraft
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2007 Award of Merit Acceptance Speech
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Plenary Address
Stratigos Discusses the Impact of Web 2.0 and Social Computing on Publishing and Related Activities
by Steve Hardin

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  SPECIAL SECTION                                                                                    

   Information Professionals in a Globalized World

by Caryn L. Anderson, Editor of Special Section
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Information Professionals in the South Asian Region: The Challenges Ahead
by P.R. Goswami and P.K. Jain
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Digital Inclusion Initiatives in Brazil: Improving Education and Information Seeking Behavior Through Government-Academic Partnerships
by Maria Josť Vincentini Jorente
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Distance Learning/E-Learning for Iraq: Concept and Road Map
by Ala'a Al-Din J. Kadhem Al-Radhi
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Kosova Libraries: Where Practical Steps are Most Needed
by Besim J. Kokollari
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Information Professionals in Nigeria: Optimism and Innovation in the Face of Staggering Inadequacies
by Ifeanyichukwu Faith Njoku
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Glancing at the Rearview Mirror, Focusing on the Road Ahead: Library and Information Professionals in Indonesia
by Liauw Toong Tjiek (Aditya Nugraha)
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IA Column
It's Not What You Think, but How You Think
by Eric Reiss
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