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Impressions of events so diverse as those encompassed by the ASIS&T Annual Meeting are necessarily that – impressions. My own were of more ferment than usual, especially on questions related to studying the interface between people and information – a focus that seems completely appropriate for a meeting with the umbrella theme "Humanizing Information Technology." This Annual Meeting issue of the Bulletin therefore reflects this view and includes two of the three presentations from the second Plenary Session: Humanizing Information Technology: New Theoretical Approaches in Play. Pamela Sandstrom and Birger Hjørland both suggest changes in the information science research agenda and its methodology. Hjørland's approach should also prove of immediate interest to practitioners unfamiliar with his other recent publications on domain analysis.

The complementary session to the theory-oriented one above was the first Plenary Session – Humanizing Information Technology: New Directions in Information Science Practice, covering robotics, asset management systems and library portals. Steve Hardin summarizes this session for us.

We also have a very inspiring overview of the conference by Simmons MLS student and first-time attendee, Caryn Anderson. Caryn filters her experience at the conference and other recent reading through the lens of how the projects and research reported might assist in building systems that can integrate information from different fields in support of those engaged in complex processes such as industrial ecology. She is already a sophisticated and astute observer, and we look forward to her continuing contributions to the field.

In addition to the Annual Meeting, we provide coverage of one session of the Council for Scientific Society Presidents (CSSP). ASIS&T delegates were current president Samantha Hastings and past-president Trudi Bellardo Hahn. At the session Trudi introduced a panel of experts, including ASIS&T member Carol Tenopir, on the topic "E-Journals: Cutting Edge? Or Cutting Off Our Future?" Sam's summary of the panel on her President's Page updates us in this critical area of electronic publishing.

Finally, Andrew Dillon discusses recent surveys of information architecture degrees and programs.

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