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Additional 1997 Annual Meeting Coverage

Keynote Session: Clinton-Gore Policies and Networked Information
Speaker: Tom Kalil, the White House.
Reported by Steve Hardin, Indiana State University

Digital Object Identifiers (Invited Session)
Reported by Irene Travis, Bulletin Editor

Electronic Publication in the Sciences; An Examination of Production, Distribution and Use (SIGs/STI & MED)
Reported by Karla Hahn, McKeldin Library, University of Maryland

Globalization: Shaping Organizational Strategies, Building Partnerships and Enhancing Information Exchange in the Information Age (SIG III)
Reported by Heather Hall, Interdisciplinary Program in Information Science, University of North Texas

Linking Government Data Producers to the Intermediary User Communities (sponsored by the Bureau of Labor Statistics)
Reported by Susan Turner, International Monetary Fund

Time as a Factor in the Evaluation of Information Quality (SIGs/HFIS & IAE)
Reported by Steve Hardin, Indiana State University

Theories in Information Science (SIGs/HFIS & ED)
Summaries provided by the speakers

The State-of-the-Art Search Engines [and Their Potential for Evolution] as Intelligent Agents
Reported by Deanna Morrow Hall, Corporate Information Resources

Providing Library Resources via the World Wide Web: Implications of User Studies
Reported by Gwyneth Duncan, Perkins Library, Duke University

Then and Now: Information Science Problems and Systems
Speakers: Ben-Ami Lipetz, Trudi Bellardo Hahn, Donald Hillman

Uniform Resource Identifiers, Metadata, and What They Mean for Access to Networked Digital Resources
Reported by Dagobert Soergel, University of Maryland