Bulletin, December 2012/January 2013

Inside ASIS&T

ASIS&T Celebrates Its 75th;
Ignores Unexpected Guest Hurricane Sandy

While hurricane Sandy battered cities up and down the Atlantic coast in late October, ASIS&T loyalists hunkered down in Baltimore to celebrate their Society’s 75th anniversary at the 2012 Annual Meeting.

“We had some no-shows because of the weather,” said Dick Hill, executive director, “but for the most part people came to town and we continued with our Annual Meeting as planned.”

The final count indicated that perhaps 80 people who had pre-registered didn’t make it to the meeting, but for the 85% who did arrive, as well as the nearly four dozen who came and registered onsite, the 75th anniversary celebration of the American Society for Information Science and Technology was an exciting substance- and fun-filled success.

The Annual Meeting activities began with two days of pre-conference seminars and workshops. Among these was a special ASIS&T 75th Anniversary Event entitled History of ASIS&T and Information Science and Technology Worldwide, featuring a keynote address by W. Boyd Rayward, professor emeritus in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois. Organized by the 75th Anniversary Task Force, co-chaired by Toni Carbo and Robert Williams, the session featured more than a dozen papers from authors around the world covering such topics as the evolution of the field of information science, historical contexts of technology innovations and impacts, and development of foundational ideas and theories in information science. Nearly 100 attendees were in the audience for this significant session.

Making Lemonade
Though for the most part, the ASIS&T 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting weathered the storm that brutalized neighboring communities, a few sessions were cancelled when participants were unable to make it into Baltimore. But recognizing an opportunity to convert misfortune into lemonade, ASIS&T will turn at least one of the cancelled sessions into a webinar for ASIS&T members and the information community-at-large. Details will be forthcoming, but look for news at the ASIS&T website and in future issues of the Bulletin

Annual Meeting Coverage
In keeping with recent tradition, our photographic and substantive coverage of the 2012 ASIS&T Annual Meeting will be included in the February/March 2013 issue of the Bulletin. But here, you’ll find a list of the winners of the 2012 ASIS&T Annual Awards for which more details will be provided in the next issue.

Award of Merit: Michael Buckland, University of California at Berkeley
Watson Davis Award: K.T. Vaughan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Research in Information Science Award: Kalervo Järvelin, University of Tampere, Finland
Best Information Science Book Award: Modern Information Retrieval by Ricardo Baeza-Yates and Berthier Ribeiro-Neto
Thomson Reuters Outstanding Information Science Teacher Award: Dietmar Wolfram, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
James Cretsos Leadership Award: Naresh Agarwal, Simmons College
John Wiley & Sons Best JASIST Paper Award: Sukomal Pal, Mandar Mitra and Jaap Kamps, “Evaluation Effort, Reliability and Reusability in XML Retrieval,” JASIST 62(2): 375-394 (2011)
Pratt Severn Best Student Research Paper Award: April Lynne Earle, St. John’s University, “Design of an Application Profile for the St. John’s University Oral History Collection”
Thomson Reuters Doctoral Dissertation Scholarship: Lori McCay-Peet, Dalhousie University, for “At the Intersection: Investigating the Qualities of the Serendipitous Digital Environment and the Serendipity-Prone Person”
ProQuest Doctoral Dissertation Award: Jaime Snyder, Syracuse University, “Image-Enabled Discourse: Investigating the Creation of Visual Information as Communicative Practice”

Chapter-of-the-Year: European Chapter
Student Chapter-of-the-Year: San Jose State University

SIG-of-the-Year: SIG/Education and SIG/Metrics
SIG Member-of-the-Year: Karen Miller, SIG/ED
SIG Publication-of-the-Year: SIGs/AH and VIS, special section of the Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, April/May 2012

2012 Class of New Leaders Identified at ASIS&T Annual Meeting
The 3rd class in the ASIS&T New Leaders program was named in Baltimore at the 75th Anniversary Annual Meeting in October. The eight members of the class, about whom we will hear more as they move through the program, are listed below. 

The program is designed to initiate new members of ASIS&T into the service activity of the organization by providing a select group of members with funding, a mentor and a specific assignment with a particular unit of ASIS&T. 

   The 2012 class of new leaders: 

  • Jonathan Colman
  • Jonathan Dorey
  • Catherine Dumas
  • Tamara Heck
  • Fidelia Ibekwe-SanJuan
  • Dorothy Porter
  • Elizabeth Rolando
  • Yin-Leng Theng

News about ASIS&T Members
Former ASIS&T president Nancy Roderer, director of the Welch Medical Library and the Division of Health Sciences Informatics (DHSI), will retire, effective January 15, 2013. Also a professor in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health, Nancy has been at Johns Hopkins since 2000. Nancy was instrumental in creating an educational program at the School of Medicine, which includes a Ph.D. in health sciences informatics, two master’s degrees and three certificate programs. Nancy will join her husband David in retirement and will continue to participate selectively in teaching and research projects. 

Miles Efron, assistant professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is principal investigator on a half-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation for a three-year project to investigate the role time plays in information retrieval, specifically in the use and functionality of search engines. In addition, Miles was named featured alumnus by the Alumni Association Board of the School of Library and Information Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Paul Kantor The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Rutgers researcher Paul Kantor nearly $1.0 million as part of an initiative to extract useful information from so-called "big data"– massive collections of data from sources such as scientific documents, orbiting instruments, digital images, social media streams and business transactions. The Rutgers grant is part of a $3 million research effort in collaboration with Cornell and Princeton to improve the accuracy and relevance of complex scientific literature searches. Kantor is a professor in the Department of Library and Information Sciences in the School of Communication and Information, where he heads the LAIR Laboratory. The researchers from the three institutions have been working together for over a year and are putting the finishing touches on the experimental system that will be used in the research.

News about ASIS&T SIGs
SIG/Classification Research (SIG/CR) in collaboration with Information Today, University of Washington Libraries Digital Initiatives and the graduate assistants at the University of Washington Information School announces the launch of ACRO: Advances in Classification Research Online, a new web-accessible collection of the proceedings from the annual ASIS&T SIG/Classification Research Workshops. ACRO is indexed in Google Scholar and in Elsevier indexing products. 

SIG/Social Informatics (SIG/SI) has announced plans to publish Social Informatics: Past, Present and Future, featuring papers presented at the SIG’s 8th Annual SI Research Symposium at the ASIS&T 75th anniversary meeting in October. The symposium offered 10 presentations and several posters. The published volume will be edited by symposium organizers, Pnina Fichman and Howard Rosenbaum, both of the School of Library and Information Science at Indiana University. 

SIG/Information Policy (SIG/IFP) is coming back to life after a somewhat dormant period. Reinvigorated with new leadership, SIG/IFP will continue its mission dedicated to awareness of legislation and regulation affecting the information field and/or members of the information professions. It provides venues which encourage research on and discussion of current and emergent information policies as they affect society. It will promote awareness of state/provincial, national, and international policies of public and private entities. With plans on tap for next year’s activities, the group is seeking additional members as well as volunteers for its social media/communications officer and for a webmaster. 

SIG/IFP is interested in both social repercussions of information policy and the logistics of the legal aspects. Information policy is a part of every special interest group within ASIS&T. Records and knowledge managers have rules, regulations and cumulative knowledge to manage; international information issues teem with information policy problems; and the health care industry is subject to very detailed laws regarding use and privacy of health information. Every aspect of our lives, our world, is affected by information policy. SIG/IFP is the place for individuals interested in these and other related topics, as well as for SIGs seeking collaborative projects on information policy issues. Contact Brandi Loveday, current chair, at sig.ifp.chair@gmail.com 

SIG/Information Needs, Seeking and Use (SIG/USE) has announced the winners of its annual awards in a variety of categories, as follows:

Best Paper Award: June Ahn, Mega Subramaniam, Kenneth R. Fleischmann, Amanda Waugh, Greg Walsh and Allison Druin for Youth Identities as Remixers in an Online Community of Storytellers: Attitudes, Strategies and Values
Best Poster Award: Ji Yeon Yang and Soo Young Rieh for Dual Roles in Information Mediation at Work: Analysis of Advice-receiving and Advice-Providing Diary Surveys
Chatman Award: Joung Hwa Koo, Yong Wan Cho and Melissa Gross for Is Ignorance Really Bliss?: Understanding the Role of Information-Seeking in Coping with Severe Traumatic Stress Among Refugees
Student Travel Award: Laura Christopherson
Interdisciplinary Travel Award: Roberto Gonzalez-Ibanez
Outstanding Contribution to Information Behavior Research: Professor Pertti Vakkari, for his work on task-based information searching and information seeking strategies that have made significant contributions to the field of information behavior research, bridging the interactive information retrieval and information behavior fields.