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December 2008/January 2009
Vol. 35, No. 2
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  SPECIAL SECTION                                                                                   

by Eric Lease Morgan, Special Section Guest Editor 
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Explaining Free and Open Source Software
by Scot Colford
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The Thick of the Fray: Open Source Software in Libraries in the First Decade of this Century
by K.G. Schneider
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The Viability of Open Source ILS
by Marshall Breeding
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Evergreen in Context
by Robert E. Molyneux
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The Development and Usage of the Greenstone Digital Library Software
by Ian H. Witten
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From Open Source to Open Libraries
by Thomas Krichel
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Inside ASIS&T | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 297k)

Don Kraft Named Editor Emeritus of JASIST
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The Student Scene
Students as Technology Leaders

by Laura Krier
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What's New
Selected Abstracts from JASIST

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