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Dec/Jan 2008 BulletinThis Issue
December/January 2008
Vol. 34, No. 2
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   Virtual Reference Services

by Yungrang Laura Cheng, Guest Editor
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An Informal History (and Possible Future) of Digital Reference
by Joseph Janes
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Virtual Reference to Participatory Librarianship:  Expanding the Conversation
by R. David Lankes
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Evaluation of Online Reference Services
by Jeffrey Pomerantz
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Implementation of Professional and Ethical Standards
by Pnina Shachaf
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On the Trail of the Elusive Non-User:  What Research in Virtual Reference Environments Reveals
by Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Marie L. Radford and Timothy J. Dickey
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On Scalable (Computer-Based) Information Systems
by Ophir Frieder
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Selected Abstracts of Standards Under Review 2006-2007
Notes from the ASIS&T Standards Committee (ASISUT-SC)

by Marcia Zeng
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The Open Source Road to Web 2.0 for Nigeria:  A View of Two Worlds from the Outside
by Olugbenga Ademodi
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    Information Architecture

Navigating the Long Tail
by James Kalbach
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