Bulletin, December 2006/January 2007


European LIS Curriculum Project Special Section

European LIS Curriculum Project

Editor’s Note: The European LIS Curriculum Project, the subject of this special section, was an innovative exploration of views and practice regarding library and information science (LIS) curriculum in Europe. The Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark, was the contracting agency for the project, which involved more than 100 European educators. The two authors appearing in this special section, Leif Lørring and Leif Kajberg, were the project managers and the editors of its report, European Curriculum Reflections on Library and Information Science Education, which is available free of charge as an e-book in English at biblis.db.dk/uhtbin/hyperion.exe/db.leikaj05

Both authors provide background on LIS education in Europe, but Lørring focuses on results of the effort while Kajberg discusses the Project itself – its origins, components and innovative methodology. Americans are frequently unfamiliar with European universities, and we may be largely oblivious to the challenges posed by the heterogeneity of the European educational systems, an ignorance that the authors seek to remedy. The project reported here is part of a larger European Union (EU) effort, dating back to 1999, to introduce some commonalities into the structure of higher education in Europe. LIS educators functioning under U.S. models will recognize both common and distinctive elements in the European approaches that deserve attention as all LIS educators innovate to meet the challenges of our rapidly changing environment. – ILT

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