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From the Editor's Desktop
by Irene L. Travis

E-governance is the focus of both this and the next issue of the Bulletin. Guest editor Allison Brueckner has commissioned six articles, three of which appear here. They provide a sample of different kinds of writing in this field. Eric Frederick reviews e-governance in a particular state. Charles Kaylor considers the challenges facing managers and developers of e-governance sites as technology evolves, while Tom Brinckís case study of building a large-state portal provides an information architecture (IA) perspective on the topic.

Because this issue is going to press well before the Annual Meeting, coverage of that event must be deferred to February/March 2005. However, incoming President Nick Belkin now takes over the Presidentís Page and provides an update on many issues important to our members. Julian Warner, ASIS&Tís officially designated international liaison, supplements Nickís view as he describes recent activities and challenges in our international activities. In his IA column Andrew Dillon contemplates the question of whether faster is necessarily better.

Finally, we carry a practitioner-oriented paper submitted to the SIG/III contest in 2003, a companion piece to the article on library portals and services that appeared in the last issue. In this article Russell J. Swit considers the role of an environmental information resource center in Namibia.

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