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ASIST President Samantha K. HastingsPresident's Page

It is such a privilege to serve you. I have three main priorities for my term as your president, building on the great work of Trudi Bellardo Hahn and a dynamic board of directors. First, I want to build a digital library that responds to every member's needs the best digital library anywhere! Second, I want to continue the work of the ASIS&T Web redesign team and initiate recommended changes to our website. This group of information architects led by Stacy Surla has done wonderful work for us. Now, we need to be sure there is a revenue flow to support and maintain the revitalized and dynamic site. Third, I want to work on initiatives to improve services to all members, including communication venues and the use of new technologies for program delivery. Included in this priority is a good look at how we market our services. Of course, I want to work on initiatives that will recruit and retain student members. This may seem too specific, but I'm convinced that our future lies in the wealth of talent represented by students in our schools. I will be discussing specifics of these priorities in future columns of the Bulletin and in a monthly email letter that we will post on the ASIS&T website.

I call on each of you to reach out and make our new and student members feel welcome. When I was a student member, the attention of then-President Toni Carbo, Ed Sawyer, Jim Cretsos, Bahaa El-Hadidy and my advisors Gerald Jahoda and Elizabeth Logan kept me active in ASIS&T. I felt that I had found a professional home, and I continue to feel the same. I served whenever I was asked but more importantly, I served because I wanted to. I liked my colleagues and fellow members. We have a bizarre sense of humor as exemplified by the programs sponsored by SIG/CON. It is very important to me that we are able to make fun of ourselves, but we should never forget that the work that we do is essential to the free flow and dissemination of information in our world. It is this balance between fun and scholarly endeavor that I believe is at the very heart of our success.

At the August 2003 Board of Directors retreat, another dichotomy appeared as we discussed the results of the most recent member survey. We decided these results reflected a "bipolar" membership, a unique combination of practitioners and researchers. I believe we are blessed to be bipolar and able to have fun in the face of the seriousness of our work. I intend to continue to build on programs and services that serve all of our concerns and needs, that bridge our differences and celebrate our uniqueness.

Your board is working diligently to communicate your needs to your elected officers and headquarters staff. They work through your chapters, SIGs and committees to ensure that everyone has a chance to be heard. Feel free to contact any of the officers, board members and committee chairs at any time. We work all year, not just during the Annual Meeting. Your committee chairs for 2004 are:

  • Awards & Honors: Doug Kaylor
  • Constitution & Bylaws: Norman Horrocks
  • Information Science Education: June Lester
  • Leadership Development: Penny O'Connor
  • Membership: Steve Hardin
  • Nominations: Trudi Bellardo Hahn
  • Standards: Gail Thornburg

If you didn't have the opportunity to attend the Annual Meeting in Long Beach, then you missed my attempt at an interactive inaugural address. We played ASIS&T Jeopardy and I tried to give homage to the wonderful history and spirit of this society. The game is available on my website and I encourage you to play. Let me know how you do! The text of my talk is also available at http://courses.unt.edu/shastings/HastingsWWW/.

Thanks to Linda Schamber and her wonderful program committee, we have a call for papers available at www.asis.org for the 2004 Annual Meeting scheduled October 14-18 in Providence, Rhode Island. You will notice a couple of changes. Special sessions and technical sessions are combined under "Special Sessions," and we added a new category for "Preconference Sessions" that includes workshops and tutorials. I believe this call has something for everyone and encourage you to think about your contributions for next year. Let's continue our commitment to excellent programming and put our best ideas forward. The deadlines for submissions start January 17, 2004.

Don't forget that the always-exciting Information Architecture Summit is scheduled for Austin, Texas, on February 28 and 29, 2004. More information about the summit is available at www.asis.org/Conferences/IA04/index.html.

In closing, I hope to develop our ability to communicate across all sectors of membership in new ways. If you have ideas on how to accomplish this then please let me know. I want to hear from you! You can submit your questions, concerns and comments by email to hastings@unt.edu or just call me at 940-300-3368 almost anytime.

Samantha Hastings
2004 ASIS&T President
Assistant Professor
University of North Texas
ISB 217C
P.O. Box 311068
Denton, Texas 76203-1068

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