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Selected Abstracts from JASIST

Editor's note: We invite JASIST authors to submit structured abstracts of their articles for possible inclusion in the Bulletin, particularly those that might be of interest to practitioners. ASIST would welcome reader feedback on the usefulness of this (or any other) Bulletin feature (bulletin@asis.org).

From JASIST, v. 54 (11)

Shenton, A.K. & Dixon, P. (2003). A comparison of youngsters' use of CD-ROM and the Internet as information sources, pp. 872-878.

Study and Results: The paper is devoted to recent qualitative research that compared the use made of the Internet and CD-ROM by young people for information purposes. The former was consulted to tackle needs of a greater number of types, and while Internet use for school-required information rose with age, that of CD-ROM declined. Informants criticized CD-ROM software for its lack of detailed material and the Internet for problems in locating what was desired. The strategies employed to exploit each were essentially similar.

What's New? This is the first paper to make a detailed and direct comparison of young people's use of CD-ROM and the Internet for information. Findings have implications in a range of areas, including the marketing of CD-ROM packages, research and development and practice within schools.


  • Fieldwork was staged only in schools within the town of Whitley Bay, England.
  • The study relied heavily on self-reported data.
  • Informants were approached for data just once in the data collection period.

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