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of the American Society for Information Science and Technology       Vol. 30, No. 2      December/January  2004

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From the Editor's Desktop

Biological informatics continues to be our focus in this issue as Bryan Heidorn and his colleagues extend their review of integrative sciences to the challenges surrounding publishing, intellectual property rights and standards all complex and significant areas of development. Lee Strickland also completes his overview of the legislative initiatives, court decisions and technologies surrounding electronic copying and copyright. Together these authors highlight many of the promises and controversies of the digital transition that is significantly impacting our profession.

We are also very pleased to have an extensive article written jointly by two of our chapters, LACASIS and NEASIS&T, on a distance-learning experiment they conducted last year. The chapters provide extensive, useful advice both on developing a distance-learning package and on the means for coordinating a bi-coastal effort. With this exemplary effort in hand I would like to remind all chapters that you can share the benefits of your programs and chapter activities with the rest of the membership through the Bulletin. Spread the wealth!

Finally, in our columns Andrew Dillon argues for inclusiveness in information architecture while Samantha Hastings makes her debut appearance as new ASIS&T president in the "President's Page." Samantha outlines goals and priorities for the society in 2004 and how we can help achieve them.

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