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Vol. 27, No. 2

December/January 2001

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Editor's Note

As we near the end of the Year 2000, our professional society is marked by change. As noted in previous articles in the Bulletin and numerous communications from our elected officers and the Executive Director, as well as in the lead articles in Inside ASIST in this issue,  the American Society for Information Science became the American Society for Information Science and Technology in late August.

 The first Annual Meeting at which we celebrate this important change ASIST 2000 Annual Meeting is scheduled for mid-November, which is after the deadlines under which we work to meet our December distribution date of this issue of the Bulletin.

 Therefore, the traditional meeting coverage contained in each December/January issue of the Bulletin is delayed this year until the February/March issue. However, we are able to provide some substantive material that was prepared in advance and made available to us.

 As usual, we concentrate on speakers and presentations not included in the Proceedings . To this end, one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Anthony Oettinger, chairman of the Program on Information Resources Policy at Harvard University, kindly made the slides and notes for his talk available to the Bulletin in late September. This effort above and beyond the call has allowed us to present a written version of his insightful analysis of our continuing and almost certainly eternal struggle to access and use information.

 The speakers involved in a SIG session,  Document Genres, chaired by Barbara Kwasnik, presented by SIGs/CR and KM, also agreed to transform their talks to articles in time for them to constitute a special section in this issue. Through these efforts we are able to provide a small bit of meeting coverage, though the photographs and much of the specifics must wait until February.

Irene L. Travis, Editor

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