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August/September 2009
Vol. 35, No. 6
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     Information Architecture

A Tonic for the Busy Troops
by Stacy Merrill Surla, guest editor
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The Information Architecture of Social Experience Design: Five Principles, Five Anti-Patterns and 96 Patterns (in Three Buckets)
by Christian Crumlish
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The Debut of Usable, Influential Content
by Colleen Jones
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An Internet Watered Down
by John Pettengill
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Gaming the Design: Using Game Desing Techniques in the Realm of Investing 
by Kellie Rae Carter and Dominic La Cava
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IA for the Rest of the World
by Miles Rochford
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Lessons from Slime Mold: How to Survive and Thrive in Ever-Changing Organizational Environments
by Kate Rutter
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A Reflection on the Structure and Process of the Web of Data
by Marko A. Rodriguez
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What's New?
Selected Abstracts from JASIST

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