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August/September 2008
Vol. 34, No. 6
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Information Architecture Introduction: 
Taxarcana and Other Boons for Business
by Stacy Surla, Guest Editor of Special Section
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Exploratory Search in Different Information Architectures
by Tingting Jiang and Sherry Koshman
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Tagging: Emerging Trends
by Gene Smith
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The Information Architecture Behind Good Web Forms
by Luke Wroblewski
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 171k)

Audiences and Artifacts
by Nathan Curtis
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 249k)

How to Be a User Experience Team of One
by Leah Buley
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 423k)


Fulbright Senior Specialist Program - 
Library Science

by Emil Levine
Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 88k)


The Student Scene
Informatics Student Activities at UCLA

by Sarah Buchanan
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President's Page | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 73k)

Editor's Desktop | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 70k)

Inside ASIS&T | Full Text:  HTML | PDF (Size: 122k)

ASIS&T Membership Survey 2008
by Margeaux Johnson and Nancy K. Roderer
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