Bulletin, August/September 2007

From a Conceptual Model to Application and System Development 

by Athena Salaba and Yin Zhang


Table 1. FRBR-Based Library Catalog Systems
Table1a. Full-Scale Working Systems Table 1B. Prototypes
Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)
The WorldCat database is the largest and most comprehensive union catalog, utilizing a FRBR-like approach via the OCLC Work-Set Algorithm. The records represent items from languages and cultures in libraries in 112 countries and territories from around the world.

UCLA Library – Film and Television Archive

University of California at Los Angeles
The UCLA Film and Television Archive is the second-largest media materials collection in the United States. Launched in early 2007, the OPAC for this institution embodies many of the principles of FRBR and cataloging.
OCLC FictionFinder
Online Computer Library Center
FictionFinder is a FRBR prototype of OCLC research that provides access to over 2.9 million bibliographic records for books, e-books and audio materials that fall under OCLC’s fiction category.

Libraries Australia

National Library of Australia, National Australian Bibliographic Database
This FRBR-like prototype system, a copy of the Australian National Bibliographic Database as of January 2006, was developed as a demonstration of searching MARC bibliographic records using Lucene. 
Research Libraries Group (formerly funded in part by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, now part of OCLC)
Project information available at www.rlg.org/en/page.php?Page_ID=433 
RedLightGreen was an online union catalog designed specifically as an intuitive online research tool for undergraduate students. RedLightGreen’s role has largely been taken over by WorldCat.org.


Norwegian National Library, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Library of Norway
Prototype available at http://november.idi.ntnu.no/frbrized/ 
BIBSYS supplies library and information systems to over 100 Norwegian libraries and institutions of higher learning, including university libraries, a number of research institutions and the Norwegian National Library. Records of the BIBSYS bibliographic database have been successfully FRBRized through the development of an XML-based tool that extracts relevant entity information from MARC records.
Table 1C. Vendor-Developed Catalog Systems and Initiatives
Virtua ILS (Integrated Library Systems)
VTLS (Visionary Technology in Library Solutions)
Product information available at www.vtls.com/brochures/virtua.pdf 
In Virtua, VTLS has attempted to create an environment in which records following the FRBR model can co-exist with records in traditional cataloging models. The software is “FRBR aware” and automatically switches display formats depending on the type of record accessed. 
Innovative Interfaces
Innovative Interfaces, Inc. (III)
Product information available at www.iii.com 
Innovative Interfaces has investigated the potential integration of FRBR into their line of products – specifically, the Millennium staff system and web OPAC – to enable users to return structured search results of works available in many different versions, formats and languages. Further development and product release is on hold pending the release of FRBR implementation within RDA.
Product information available at www.portia.dk/pubs/AccessY2K/VisualCatRdf/VisualCatRdf_files/
VisualCat is a cataloging software system developed and distributed by Portia as an integrated solution for copy cataloging and bibliographic metadata management, using both FRBR and XML to implement a more accurate and user-friendly catalog. 



Table 2. Examples of Digital Libraries with FRBR or FRBR-like Features
AustLit: The Resource for Australian Literature
National Library of Australia, et al. 
www.austlit.edu.au/ (accessible by subscription only)
AustLit is a web-based discovery service consisting of more than 460,000 records devoted to Australian authors and literary criticism.

Music Australia
National Library of Australia, et al.
MusicAustralia is a web-based discovery service geared toward Australian music in all formats, styles and genres. 

National Library of Norway
(URL is not currently available. Previously reported URL is www.nb.no/paradigma/eng_index.html
Paradigma was a three-year project scheduled to end in December 2004. It was designed to archive online “dynamic” documents and, therefore, much of today’s digital culture in Norway for long-term preservation in the Digital Archive of the National Library of Norway. 

Perseus Digital Library (PDL)
Tufts University
The Perseus Digital Library consists of a collection of 1,000-2,000 distinct classical Greek and Latin works with rich fundamental relationships to other works.

NCSU E-Matrix
North Carolina State University Libraries
E-Matrix is an Oracle-based serials, journals and electronic resources system in development. 
National Film and Sound Archive (formerly ScreenSound Australia)
Australian Film Commission
The National Film and Sound Archive is the national audiovisual archive of Australia. Its purpose is to collect, store, preserve and make available screen and sound items relevant to Australian culture. This large collection is organized through MAVIS.

River Campus Libraries–Video, River Campus Libraries–Music Projects
University of Rochester, River Campus Libraries
www.lib.rochester.edu/index.cfm?page=videos; www.lib.rochester.edu/index.cfm?Page=cds 
These two RCL catalogs were developed to simplify users’ searches for audio and audiovisual resources in the 7500-item video/DVD collection and the 1000-item CD collection. 

ECHO (European CHronicles On-Line)
Instituto Luce, Institut Nationale Audiovisuel, Netherlands Audiovisual Archive, Memoriav, et al.
Project information available at http://pc-erato2.iei.pi.cnr.it/echo/
Funded by the European Community, the ECHO project aimed to develop a long-term, reusable software infrastructure and new metadata models for films to support the development of web-based, interoperable audiovisual digital libraries. 

Indiana University, School of Music
Project not available online, but further information available at http://variations2.indiana.edu/research/ 
The Variations2 project aims to establish a digital music library test bed system containing music in a variety of formats.


Table 3. Examples of Supporting Tools, Algorithms and Utilities
Conversion Tools Display Tools
OCLC FRBR Work-Set Algorithm
Online Computer Library Center
The OCLC FRBR Work-Set Algorithm was developed to examine the issues associated with the FRBRization process. 

Tool for Converting Bibliographic Records 
Norwegian National Library, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Library of Norway
The tool, developed for the BIBSYS project, is based on XML and creates automatic XSL transformations converting existing MARC records.
FRBR Display Tool
Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress
Currently at Version 2.0, the FRBR Display Tool is a freely-downloadable tool for the analysis of MARC data through the work, expression, manifestation and item entities of the FRBR model.

FRBR Floater
Monte Sano Associates
FRBR Floater is a subscription service that enables users to view, via a pop-up OPAC window, various editions and formats of items owned by a particular library of any title searched. 
IFPA (ISIS FRBR Prototype Application)
Roberto Sturman, University of Trieste
The IFPA tool relies on the CDS/ISIS software environment and is an experimental FRBR tool that can be viewed freely on the web. It was developed to manage the data and relationships implied in the FRBR model and serves as an application for the UNESCO ISIS retrieval software. 

LibDB is a library and asset management system inspired by FRBR, RDF triples and end-usability. It supports cataloging of all types of resources such as movies, books, comics and serials.

MAVIS (Merged AudioVisual Information System)
Wizard Information Services, National Film and Sound Archive (Australia)
MAVIS is a comprehensive media asset management software application that accommodates the needs of collections ranging from limited specialist to national libraries.