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of the American Society for Information Science and Technology             Vol. 29, No. 4             April/May 2003

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From the Editor’s Desktop

Feeling insecure about the Semantic Web? This issue will solve your problem. My special thanks go to Jane Greenberg of the University of North Carolina for serving as guest editor and to the six other authors for four excellent and helpful articles on this exciting and expanding area of exploration and development. This issue concludes our two-part treatment of metadata, which we began in the October/November 2002 Bulletin.

We have one other major article, a condensation of a piece by Dave Snowden from the Journal of Knowledge Management. Dave was a most stimulating and entertaining keynote speaker at 2002 Annual Meeting, and I thank him for letting me chop this very dense publication down to a size we could accommodate. Despite my valiant efforts, I encourage those of you who find it intriguing to read the original and more nuanced version, which is referenced with the article and available on the Web. 

Finally Trudi Bellardo Hahn has a true challenge for us. One of her recent tasks as ASIST President was to respond to this query from the Council of Scientific Society Presidents: “What were the most important seminal five to seven discoveries in the field represented by your professional society in the 20th century?” She tackles this daunting question with her usual insight and enthusiasm, shares her thoughts with us and solicits ours.

Andrew Dillon’s IA Column will be back next issue with expanded comment on the IA Summit in Portland.

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