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Information Management for the Intelligent Organization, 3rd Ed.

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Information Management for the Intelligent Organization
The Art of Scanning the Environment
Third Edition

By Chun Wei Choo

The intelligent organization is one that is skilled at marshaling its information resources and capabilities, transforming information into knowledge, and using this knowledge to sustain and enhance its performance in a restless environment. The objective of this updated and expanded book is to develop an understanding of how an organization may manage its information processes more effectively in order to achieve these goals. The third edition features new sections on information culture, information overload, and organizational learning; a new chapter on Knowledge Management (KM) and the role of information professionals; and numerous extended cases studies of environmental scanning by organizations in Asia, Europe, and North America. This book is a must read for senior managers and administrators, information managers, information specialists and practitioners, information technologists, and anyone whose work in an organization involves acquiring, creating, organizing, or using knowledge.

2001/272 pp/hardbound
ISBN: 1-57387-125-7
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