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Web Content Management

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Web Content Management: A Collaborative Approach
by Russell Nakano

This is a book about content management, with an emphasis on Web content. More specifically, it's about developing, managing, maintaining and deploying Web content solutions across the enterprise. It addresses the common questions that all small, medium and large enterprises encounter as they grow:

How can I manage my growing base of Web assets?
How do I get information to my customers, employees, and suppliers quickly?
How can I ensure that my Web site's content is dynamic?
How can I get all my employees to become active contributors to my Web site's success?
What do I need to do now to ensure my Web site is successful?
There have been many books written on managing a Web project, understanding Web technologies, building a Web property and ensuring usability. Each of these deals with the perplexing challenge of the Web by delving deeply into a specific aspect: processes, technology, or people. This book is a combination of all three. It has to be. Content management is a technology solution that's implemented using specific techniques (e.g. workflow analysis, deployment solutions) to ensure wide-scale usability (from Web developers to content contributors).

238 pp/Softbound ISBN: 0-201-65782-1

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