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Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success

Retail Price: $29.99

They've found you. Now be sure they can find what they want.

People shop online because it's convenient. If your search application doesn't make it easy to find what they want to buy, they'll go somewhere else. It's that simple.

Designing a great search experience, however, isn't that simple. You need this book, full of UX design strategies and patterns that have been carefully developed, researched, and tested for success. Use them, and your customers will buy more, leave your store happier, and tell their friends and social networks about the positive experience they had using your site or mobile app.

  • Don't just add new features create memorable, delightful search experiences
  • Turn "no search results" pages into new sales opportunities
  • Discover why shoppers behave as they do
  • Use "more like this" search to help your customers make quick decisions
  • Design intuitive search interactions using faceted search filters
  • Use contextual mobile search to create portable ecommerce solutions
  • Take full advantage of the unique design challenges and capabilities of tablet devices
  • Learn from case studies that put the design concepts into practice
  • Use novel search design patterns to trounce your competition

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