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Proceedings 2009 Annual Meeting CD-ROM

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2009 Proceedings of the 72nd Annual Meeting (Vol. 46)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
©2009, CD-ROM, ISBN: 0-87715-541-0

The Proceedings of the 2009 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIST) contain the 48 contributed papers presented over the four-day event as well as abstracts of all papers included in the 46 panel sessions, and detailed summaries of the research work presented in the 105 posters on view throughout the Meeting.

We share a world rich in cultural diversity but also one in which countries, organizations and individuals have never before been so closely linked politically, economically and socially. The theme of the 2009 Meeting, “Thriving on Diversity – Information Opportunities in a Pluralistic World”, recognized this reality by offering participants the opportunity to explore how information research and practice can promote global communication while maintaining that diversity. The results are proof of this diversity, in their content as well as the international distribution of their authors.

A Meeting such as this does not happen by itself, but draws upon the time, efforts and skills of a wide range of people. I owe a debt of gratitude to the 12 members of the Organizing Committee who worked so hard to ensure that the Program as outlined above has become a reality. The many reviewers who placed their expertise at the Committee’s disposal in order within tight deadlines to vet the various submissions accomplished a marvelous job. These online Proceedings are again the result of Andrew Grove’s painstaking efforts, and all of us are grateful for his continued dedication. Finally, the recipient of so many emails from myself, the ASIST Executive Director, along with his staff, have guided me through the labyrinth of organizing an Annual Meeting: to Dick Hill and his colleagues, many thanks!

I am confident that you will find rich food for thought in the Proceedings, and for those of you unable to attend the Meeting itself, a taste of what an ASIST gathering is like; I hope to meet you at future Meetings!

Andrew Large

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