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Proceedings 2016 Annual Meeting CD-ROM

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Introduction, Search and Navigation

Welcome to the twelfth electronic edition of the Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Association for Information Science and Technology. Long-time readers will notice the continuation of changes from last year. A new color scheme and placement of navigation links in a left menu, both aligning with the new ASIS&T wbsite, highlight the changes. Now, using the left menu, there is an additional path to full papers and their abstracts. Selecting a topic in the left menu opens a page of paper abstracts, each has a link to the full paper. Also, selecting a paper track title in the program schedule grid opens abstracts for the papers in that track. Access to panel descriptions is via links in the schedule grid, and poster session descriptions remain available from listings in a "Posters" page.

Included again is a copy of the ASIS&T Thesaurus, created and maintained by Access Innovations. New is a preview of the next version of the thesaurus, version 5. Both thesauri are available via a link in the left menu.

All papers, panel descriptions, and poster sessions are in Portable Document Format (PDF). Addresses to websites and other Internet locations may or may not be active hyperlinks, depending on individual author decisions. Although Adobe Acrobat Reader remains the application of choice for viewing them, several browsers have native PDF viewers and other applications are available. For your convenience, Adobe Acrobat reader is available at:

Post-publication corrections will be posted to the copy of the Proceedings available online at

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